4 Reasons Kumori are the New 

Underwear of Choice for Athletes

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Why Thousands of Athletes are Switching

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1. Breathability

Breathable Bliss with Kumori Bamboo Fabric


Natural Ventilation: Bamboo fabric has micro-scale apertures allowing Kumori boxers to have superior breathability and moisture-wicking capabilities. Bamboo fabric allows for natural airflow, keeping you cool and comfortable during all types of exercise.


Moisture-Wicking Magic:  Bamboo fibers absorb 40% more moisture than any other fiber. This means Kumori underwear absorbs and evaporates moisture faster by pulling it in and driving it away from your skin. Our underwear is designed to excel at wicking away moisture, ensuring you stay dry and fresh throughout the toughest of workouts.


Odor-Resistant:  Most popular brands use cheap fabrics that trap odor, however bamboo possesses natural antibacterial properties, curbing the growth of odor-causing bacteria. 



"I was always a Tommy John customer until now no contest !!! KUMORI ……… hands down !!!"

- Joe C


2. Perfect Fit & Quality

It's no exaggeration... Our boxers and briefs fit PERFECTLY and perform well during workouts and athletics!


Stay Put Waistband:  When making a waistband it's all about finding the perfect balance. Some waistbands are wayy too tight! BUT if they're too loose they fold over. We spent countless hours researching and testing to find the perfect middle ground!


Room for guys with big legs and big glutes: Most products don't give guys enough room where they need it! We gave a little extra room in the thighs and glutes area but still enough compression to keep you supported while you hit your new squat PR.


Contoured Pouch: Our contoured pouch gives you the support your goods need while providing enough room to breathe, giving you the comfort and security to wear them during every type of exercise.

3. Natural & Chemical Free

Many popular underwear brands use synthetic materials because they're cheaper! Here's why you should avoid them:

  • They're made with endocrine disruptors that are linked to many health risks including decreased testosterone levels and decreased sperm count. 
  • Synthetic material in nearly all underwear is known to trap sweat and odor.
  • Often made from plastic and oil byproducts. 
  • Holds on to bacteria and harmful toxins.
  • Not Bio-degradable.

Kumori is the eco-conscious choice as bamboo, a renewable resource,  is the foundation of our products.  We prioritize your health and comfort through the purity of natural bamboo.


"The best underwear I have ever owned. I decided to change from cotton briefs And tried 3 different brands These were the best for me"

-Anthony R


4. Sweat-Wicking and Odor Resistant  

Kumori fabric's exceptional breathability, moisture-wicking, and rapid evaporation make it highly effective at resisting odors. Thanks to bamboo's natural antibacterial properties, you'll stay fresh all day - even after the toughest of workouts. 

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I'm Ready To Try Kumori!

The Reviews Are In

"Wore these all day on my hike. I didn’t even notice them (which is a good thing)! Told a few friends about Kumori. Great job guys"

Ethan B.

"I’ve had the pleasure of trying the briefs and trunks from Kumori! They are breathable, supportive, durable, and stylish, with multiple attractive colorways. Shipping was lightning fast, and the customer support was next to none. It’s clear this brand leads with quality and passion, and I’ll certainly be reordering in the future! 😎"

Avin P.

"FINALLY found a brand I don't have to size up for my butt or junk! With a 31 waist I should not be wearing a large. I've been through Obviously, C-in-2, Jack Adams, AsWeMove, Pair of Thieves, and more, and finally have found my brand--the Medium from Kumori are perfect! Totally sold on these and will be buying more. 5'11", 167lbs, 31 waist for reference"

Joseph G.

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