4 Reasons thousands are switching

to Kumori each week


Why Thousands of Men are 

Switching to Kumori Bamboo Underwear

Breathable Bliss with Kumori Bamboo Fabric

Natural Ventilation

Kumori's bamboo fabric allows for natural airflow, keeping you cool and comfortable


Moisture-Wicking Magic

Our bamboo fabric excels at wicking away moisture, ensuring you stay dry and fresh throughout the day.


Odor-Resistant Charm

Most popular brands use cheap fabrics that trap odor, however bamboo possesses natural antibacterial properties, curbing the growth of odor-causing bacteria. 

It's no exaggeration...

Our boxers and briefs fit PERFECTLY!

Stay Put Waistband

When making a waistband it's all about finding the perfect balance. Some waistbands are wayyy to tight!

BUT if they're too loose they fold over. We spent countless hours researching and testing to find the perfect middle ground!


Contoured Pouch

Our contoured pouch gives you the support your junk needs but provides enough room and comfort so you can wear them all day long!


Room for guys with big legs and big butts

Self explanatory. Most products don't give guys enough room!

We gave a little extra room in the thigh and butt area but still enough compression to keep you supported.

Kumori is the eco-conscious choice as bamboo, a renewable resource,  is the foundation of our products.  We prioritize your health and comfort through the purity of natural bamboo.


Many popular underwear brands use synthetic materials because they're cheaper! Here's why you should avoid them:

  • Synthetic material traps odor.
  • Often made from plastic and oil byproducts. 
  • Holds on to bacteria and toxins.
  • Not Bio-degradable.
  • Linked to many health risks.

No subscription traps – you decide when and what to buy. The more you buy the more you save! So you are able to get premium underwear at an affordable cost per pair!


What's even better? Always have a clean pair with Kumori's large packs. No more last-minute laundry stress or wearing the same pair repeatedly. Our packs offer a variety of colors so you can mix it up! 

Not to mention...


New customers get an additional 20% off their first purchase when they sign up using their email.


Color Up Your Life

Available in 10 colors

Kumori vs Other Brands

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Briefs Black,White,Blue 3-Pack


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Have questions? We’re here to help

Do they fit all shapes and sizes?

Yes! Kumori underwear were made to fit guys with bigger butts and legs, and still keep you snug while giving you ultimate breathability and comfort. 

What material are they?

Kumori underwear are made from natural and eco-friendly bamboo, with just a touch of spandex to give the perfect fit.

Are they good for exercising and outdoor activities?

Kumori were designed to be extremely versatile. The bamboo fabric has natural sweat-wicking and odor resistant qualities, making them perfect for exercise, long hikes, yoga - you name it. They help prevent chaffing and have a comfortable contoured pouch for you goods!

What is the inseam length of the boxer briefs?

The Inseam length of the boxer briefs is 5.5 inches! They are considered mid-length

Where do your products ship from? How long does it take to receive my package?

All of our products ship from Denver Colorado. Generally they ship within 2-3 days but holidays may cause a slight delay. 

How do they fit?

While we do have a size chart on our website to help guide your sizing decision... Our products fit true to size. Similar to most popular  brands. If you are normally an XL then that is most likely the size best for you!

Kumori Cares!


5-star Reviews and counting!

There is a reason why we were able to gain hundreds of authentic 5 star reviews within just 6 months of opening our shop.


And that is because Kumori offers an amazing product and even better customer service! So you can buy with confidence!